Call: (503) 520-8888
Call: (503) 520-8888

Discharging Taxes Through Bankruptcy

If you owe past due income taxes that you cannot pay, bankruptcy may be an option. There is a common misconception that past taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. This belief is simply untrue. It is possible to discharge income… Continue reading

How Much Can I Make And Pay No Tax?

piggy bank
Assume John and Mary live in a two-bedroom apartment with their two children David aged 9, and Alison age 13. Both John and Mary have jobs and they pay child care in excess of $500 per month to enable them… Continue reading

Deducting Charitable Contributions

form 1040
Charitable contributions are deductible only if you itemize deductions on your Form 1040.

To be deductible, you must make charitable contributions to a qualified organization. Payments to individuals are never deductible. To check to see if an organization is qualified,… Continue reading

Choosing a Good Tax Preparer

tax preparerThe correct person to help you with your taxes is a very personal decision. Other than a spouse or a medical professional, the sharing of your own financial information with a professional tax preparer or financial planner is a very… Continue reading


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